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“When I first contacted Dr. Kaskel, I was very worried and concerned about my son’s behavior at school. His daycare provider had created this image in my head that he was a "trouble maker" and was completely out of control. As a mother, this was extremely hard to hear. After Dr. Kaskel observed my son at school she was able to give me the full picture. She was extremely detailed in everything she saw, down to the artwork on the walls in the classroom. She came up with a great behavior plan for us and, when we decided that we needed a fresh start at a new school, she worked with us through the transition and made sure that his new school was on the same page. She attended a teacher meeting with me and went step by step over what she had observed at his old school, what techniques would help my son, and what some of his possible triggers were. Her helping us through this time and transition really gave me peace of mind and helped me to create a better plan and technique for our son. We have seen great changes with him and his controlling of his emotions and aggression. I would recommend Dr. Kaskel to anyone who is looking for an extremely detailed perspective on their child.”    -S.

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